sábado, 1 de enero de 2011

German Rotaract Trips

1This year Rotaract Germany invites you to discover our beautiful country. As you all know in 2011 the Europe conference (EuCo) is taking place in Dortmund (Germany) and we would like to provide you with the opportunity to invite you for round trips throughout our country.

It’s up to you where to go:
• Nord (Hamburg)
• Süd (Munich)
• West (Frankfurt)
• Ost (Berlin)
• Mitte (Erfurt)

General facts:
• Date: Saturday 4th June – 8th June 2011 (EuCo program starts at the 8th in the afternoon)
• Participants: minimum 4 maximum 8 persons per trip
• The whole trip will be offered as half board
• The fee is 200 €
Registration will open January 2011!

You have to organize your journey to the start point and from the EuCo back home by yourself. Everything else will be organized.
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  1. Dear all,

    Registration for GermanTrip (preEuCo Event) is online since 31st of January.
    Feel free to register at http://www.germantrip.rotaract.de/

    Hope to see you soon!

    Marc & Linus
    Country Representatives Germany