jueves, 19 de mayo de 2011

EUCO 2011 Dortmund (Germany) - Workshops - Call for speakers & ideas

Dear Country Representatives,

As you know, EUCO is coming closer and closer. This year we have decided to make ERIC event a bit more open for other rotaractors who are coming to Dortmund.

There will be a series of workshops that everyone could attend from 09.00 till 12.00 on Saturday 11th:

- District activities (Training for DRR) - Looking for speakers.
- International activities (Rotaract Trips) - Nataliya (Ukraine)
- Joint projects (Eco project) - Jan (Belgium)
- Best practices - Filippo (Italy)
- ERIC improvement - Filip (Czech Republic)

We are still looking for an experienced speaker for DRR training. Please get back to me, if you have any suggestions. There is no strict requirement the speaker to be a Rep, so you may spread this information within your country in order to find the best possible alternative

Also, we are thinking about other interesting activities for promotion the idea of twinning.

We are open for any ideas or suggestions !

Have a nice working week.


Nataliya Stoyanovych
E.R.I.C. Country Rep. for Ukraine

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